10 Best Muscle Building Foods


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The egg has rich protein it will help you gain weight and it is also very healthy for any age group human-like women, men, and children. Egg has 6 to 8-gram protein in and also has vitamin, iron, zinc, and calcium it is one of the best muscle building diets


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Every 100gm chicken breast has 30 grams mineral fat and protein easy to cook and you can also cook in different style.


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Water is an important part of muscle building because our body has 70 percent water keep your body hydrated it will help to build strength, proper digestion and increase energy level


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Fish oil has anti-inflammatory benefits it will help to allow our body to recover faster and help in an Intense workout and it also increases your metabolisms speed and builds your muscle and more fat in your body.


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It is another food has a high content of omega 3 and also has unsaturated fats, 400 percent vitamin e and vitamin A and it is a perfect substitute of weight gain food.


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TURKEY is the most under-appreciated muscle-building foods good source of minerals, packs selenium and vitamins. Selenium is very helpful to prevent cancer.


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QUINOA rich source of carbohydrate it helps build muscles. 100-gram = 14 grams of protein also has amino acids.


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STEEL-CUT OATS filling grain it has carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Oats give you the slow result but the longer result and maintain consistent blood sugar levels.


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PINEAPPLE rich source of a protein-digesting enzyme, reduce muscle inflammation. When you going to muscle building you should include this in your diet.


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Spinach helps to increase muscle growth up to 20 percent if you eat 2-pound spinach per day you will see the difference and you make smoothies, fries, paratha and much more.

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