Facts that will Remind You How Complex the Universe Is
  1. The Earth is the 5th Largest Planet in the universe and still could fit in to the Sun for 1.3 million times.

    Earth Sun

  2. The Largest Star, UY Scuti, is around 1,708 times larger than the Sun. 

    UY Scuti

  3. It would take 100,000 Years to travel across the Milky Way.

    Milky Way

  4. And yet, the biggest Galaxy, IC 1101, is over 50 times bigger than the Milky Way.

    IC 1101

  5. There are over 2 Trillion Galaxies in the universe.


  6. The Universe is still Expanding.


  7. The Sun contains 99.86% of the mass in the Solar System.


  8. The Number of stars in the Universe is unknown.


  9. Giant Clouds of Alcohol floating in Space.

    Cloud of Alcohol

  10. The distance to the moon from the Earth is 384,400 km, and you could fit all the planets of our system in there, with room to spare.

    Moon and Earth

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